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To The Reader,

Here at FilmAttic we’ve decided to become scholars of the franchise film. That means we’ll watch the latest series, embrace franchises considered classics, and dig deep into the chest of forgotten gems so you don’t have to. We’ll offer ratings for franchises and there films so you know which ones to watch and importantly which to avoid.

The real problem with rating films is there’s no scientific test to judge them – it’s all based on opinion. That’s why we’re collecting data on what happens throughout a film so you can see how many explosions there are throughout the Bourne franchise, how many times Indiana Jones kills someone and how many times someone mentions Ron is poor in Harry Potter. This way of tracking a franchise’s journey is extremely effective at underlining problems or achievements because, as has been proved many times, adding another car chase doesn’t necessarily improve a film.

We’ve set this up so you can enjoy film with us. You can interact with the data we provide, you can compare data between franchises and you can let us know just what you think of our reviews, ratings and findings. We love film here at FilmAttic, and hope you can get involved in our journey.

Yours sincerely,

The FilmAttic Team

The FilmAttic Team