FilmAttic Definitions


  1. A franchise uses the same characters and/or use of title name. For example, The Fast and the Furious franchise consists of four films including The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, despite a lack of original characters.
  2. A sequel has to be acknowledged and marketed as a sequel so for example, Wolverine: Origins is not included in the X-men franchise because it is an acknowledged spin off.
  3. Films which are part of a franchise will only be counted if they got an official cinema release e.g. The Hellraiser series will only count the first four films, the last four were straight to video. The studio has to show a serious commitment to a sequel to validate FilmAttic time being spent on it.
  4. Whenever possible all franchise films mentioned by FilmAttic will be the theatrical version. Extended editions, directors cuts etc will be used only when a theatrical version is unavailable.



We consider a character to be any creature playing an active role in a film so they must have a speaking role or be involved at the forefront of an event.

Chase Scenes

FilmAttic considers a chase to be when A is in pursuit of B in order to catch up. When someone is following something this is not a chase.

Vehicle Chase Scenes

These count if both people in the chase are using vehicles or even if just one person is. Please see our definition of Chase Scenes for more details.

Domestic Objects Used for Violence

These are not a traditional weapon and could regularly be found in a home.

Flame Explosions

We have decided to count only flame explosions. This is a lot easier to define than explosions from water, air or any other substance and shows a degree of commitment to display an action packed scene.


FilmAttic include all stats which are included in flash backs – UNLESS the flashback scenes have appeared in the film or franchise before. Lazy flashbacking will not be tolerated!

Gun Fights

These are only counted if shots are fired between two or more people. If only one person shoots at another it is not counted as a gunfight.


Injuries are only counted when the damage inflicted should send the individual to the hospital. This is also true for any injuries that results in a display of blood.

Movies within Movies

FilmAttic does not record any stats when a film is shown within the main film. An example is Back to the Future II when Biff watches a scene from A Fist Full of Dollars.


Best of British

The FilmAttic team embrace films from all around the world but we are particularly proud of any homegrown exports we think are worth celebrating. Look out of the Best of British stamp which recognises a British film or franchise as one which stands out from the crowd.

Recommended Films

Under the Radar

This category gives us the opportunity to recommend what FilmAttic regards highly; these movies might lack box office success, press coverage or critical acclaim of other movies but they have something special which FilmAttic think is worth discovering

Fancy a Classic?

It’s dangerously easy for older film’s to become forgotten, they can seem outdated and therefore appear an undesirable watch. The FilmAttic Team will recommend only the best movies for your watching pleasure which we trust you’ll enjoy despite their age.

Popcorn Movie

This category is huge and combines box office success, mainstream genres and fun loving films for a light hearted night of entertainment. You may have seen these before but they’re always brilliant for a repeat viewing.


All definitions have been created by FilmAttic and are open to interpretation by the team depending on relevance and entertainment value.

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