We Want You!

“Can you type? Do you like films? You’re in!”

We’ve been quite busy over the last year: we endured the site’s launch, scared the living daylights out of Halloween, staggered through Christmas, wooed all the lovers at Valentine’s Day, and now the serious business starts. So, to spice it up a little, we’re reaching out to our lovely fans in an attempt to grow the FilmAttic authors squadron (aka The FilmAtticans).

Below there’s a form. But it’s not just any form. It’s a magic form. Fill in your details and required information and it’ll float through cyber space to our inbox, where we’ll reply promptly/eventually.

To enter the Author’s Academy you’d need to submit a review on a film of your choice (as long as it’s not part of a franchise), by following some specific guidelines. Once we receive your details we’ll email you the guidelines and let you crack on. There’s no minimum amount of reviews you can submit once an official FilmAttic author, but we would prefer it if you could try and submit a review every month or two so we know you’re still alive.

If you want any more information, drop us an email at info@filmattic.com, Tweet us at @FilmAttic, or stalk us on Facebook.com/FilmAttic. Tally-ho!


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