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Bad Neighbours Wins with a Tactical Advantage

Despite its second week on the big screen Bad Neighbours comes up trumps as a newcomer to the box office.

Bad Neighbours Wins with a Tactical Advantage
Bad Neighbours (2014)

Bad Neighbours introduction to UK cinemas last Saturday, allowed it to skip last week’s box office to take advantage of a 9 day period this week; however, on its first full weekend at the box office it still managed to draw in the audiences, generating £8.4m in the process. Rogen and Efron are clearly generating enough interest, with both men’s success in previous films laying the groundwork for the American comedy. Now in its fourth week, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has still landed 2nd place with £1.2m, bringing in a huge £22.2m in its UK lifetime so far.

Pompeii seems to have stalled and faltered a bit since its debut as it has generated only £505k – a 47% decrease from last week. This isn’t likely to grow, and we may see Kit Harrington & Co fall out of the top ten completely. Slightly surprisingly, The Other Woman is still hanging around 3rd place with a little shy of £1m, but it’s unlikely to reap the rewards in the next couple of weeks with newer (and frankly bigger) comedies in town.

Talking about clinging on with dear life, Frank seems to have completely missed UK audiences with only £202k on its first week; even with growing icon, Michael Fassbender as its star – maybe it’s the huge head. We’re sure that his next film will do slightly better with the new X-Men film right around the corner. The other newly released films did better with Sabotage in 7th and The 2014 Met Opera in 8th – only £15k separates these two, with Sabotage hitting the £300k mark. Neither will likely be in the top ten next week – The Met Opera won’t even be showing – but Sabotage may maintain its place among Britain’s elite for at least one more week.

Coming Next Week

This weekend is all about the new Godzilla film. Does anymore need to be said? Oh, ok then. In Bryan Cranston’s first big movie since completing his famous role as Walter White in Breaking Bad, a lot of audiences will be watching with a keen eye to see how he stacks up against the giant monster. We’re sure he won’t disappoint loyal fans. Why not check out last month’s Godzilla-packed newsletter here and let us know below what you’re looking forward to most – this week’s Godzilla or X-Men: Days of Future Past next week?

Other films coming out include The Two Faces of January with some modest names like Oscar Isaac, Viggo Mortensen and Kirsten Dunst, as well as In Secret which also stars Oscar Isaac alongside Elizabeth Olsen and Tom Felton. Neither will likely challenge Godzilla for the top spot, but there isn’t really much that could.

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