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Dr Who travels in time to steal audiences

With a hugely varied box office we see new entries for a TV episode and a concert on the big screen, along with a wealth of blockbusters flicks.

Dr Who travels in time to steal audiences
The Hunger Games Catching Fire generated over £12 million on its opening weekend

With the 50th Anniversary celebrations in progress, Dr Who has returned for a special episode released in cinemas. Generating over £1.7 million puts The Day of the Doctor firmly in 3rd place, just behind The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and Gravity. With only a one week showing, The Doctor will only be making a one week impression on the box office, returning to normality and post-Dr Who life.

As predicted in last week’s Box Office Article, the second Hunger Games instalment  has flown straight to the top of the table with an incredible £12 million. Beating Gravity by almost £10 million, this potential franchise is definitely on the rise, with the second film scoring a strong 8.9 by us – have a read of our review here.

As perhaps a slightly unorthodox 9th place, Andre Rieu’s Home for Christmas 2013 concert has boosted him into the top ten on it’s opening weekend. Only released in 222 locations, it’s impressive that it managed to gain £1,307 per location it was shown at.

Unfortunatelym newcomer, The Family, failed to impress, only landing in 8th place with £444k. Hopefully this could rise in popularity after the Hunger Games has passed through, but we’re not holding our breath.

Opening Next Week

With a wealth of variety being released in the coming weekend, we chose the top three expected to perform over the coming weeks.

Fans of the horror genre have been eagerly anticipating the 1976 remake, Carrie, but won’t need to wait any longer. With a shoe string budget of approximately $1.8m the original film smashed the box office, and we’re sure that Sony Pictures will be hoping for more of the same 37 years later.

Younger audiences will be flocking to the big screens with the introduction of Free Birds, another in a long line of talking cartoon animals. However, with animated Christmas film Frozen only about a week away, it’s certainly going to be an interesting battle of the kids films.

As a slightly alternative children based film, Saving Mr Banks follows Walt Disney and his quest to gain the rights to Mary Poppins’ story. With its upcoming release this could divide audiences, especially with its serious take on a children based story – certainly something new for Disney.

Comment below and let us know what films you’re looking forward to seeing over the next week.

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