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Everybody Likes a Blue Movie

More predictable success for kids films during the school holidays?

Everybody Likes a Blue Movie
Everybody Likes a Blue Movie

Unsurprisingly for a summer holiday weekend it’s The Smurfs 2 that sits top of the rankings table. With kids out of school it’s managed to grab money off parents and taken £3.2m. For those kids who are a bit too old for joyous little blue creatures they could watch the big scary blue creature in Monsters University, which sits a respectable fifth in its fourth week.

Nothing shows how much the kids dominate cinemas at this time of the year more than the fact that Epic has had a 1451% positive change. During its opening weekend Only God Forgives did one seventh of what The Smurfs took but when considering it had a budget of less than $5m that’s not at all bad.

Opening Next Week

Tasked with getting the family audience back into the cinema is The Lone Ranger, Johnny Depp’s new collaboration with the Pirates of the Caribbean producers. For those who want to avoid hordes of minors it’s the comedy which will save the day with either sequel Grown Ups 2 or the long awaited British comedy Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa.

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