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Films Released in June: A FilmAttic Guide

Hill and Tatum have golden guns, but will 22 Jump Street be golden at the box office?

Films Released in June: A FilmAttic Guide
22 Jump Street (2014)

22 Jump Street follows the smash hit 21 Jump Street from 2012. The film was made so popular due to a clever mix of brash humour with proper action sequences. 21 Jump Street was also originally a TV series starring Jonny Depp but a loyal homage was discarded to make something that could sit alongside Seth Rogen, Vince Vaughn and Will Ferrell comedies. With Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum back in the saddle we think this could be one of June’s biggest players.

Mrs. Brown’s Boys D’Movie is perhaps the UK’s strongest chance of entering the top ten this month and follows other recent comedy adaptations Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa (2013) and Keith Lemon: The Movie (2012). Keith Lemon failed to bring in audiences in 2012 but Alan Partridge had proved a hit, perhaps because fans had seen the character through several rebirths throughout the years. We’re dubious of whether Mrs. Brown’s Boys D’Movie has what it takes to attract its casual TV audience to the cinema but only time will tell.

As arguably the biggest disappointment of Cannes in May, we’re not expecting great things from Grace of Monaco. The film stars Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly as she deals with problems in Monaco as a princess after she retires from her cinema career. It’s very unusual for a biographical movie to ever challenge the big players in the top ten, even in a quiet month, but we expect the non stop bad press on Grace of Monaco to deter many. It’s likely only devoted fans of Kelly or Kidman will fill out cinemas for this one.

Upcoming star, Shailene Woodley, stars in The Fault in Our Stars this month after her title role in Divergent this year failed to draw in crowds compared to its similar rival, The Hunger Games. The franchise will continue however and importantly her face is now well known for movie fans. Even so, its unlikely this will make much of a dent in the box office, even with those who want some romance, due to its apparent sad tone. We’re apprehensive, but with such a quiet month you never know what will happen.

Everyone loves Kevin Costner, right? Whether you’re a fan or not this is his chance to prove he’s the new Liam Neeson of bad ass thriller movies. Neeson broke out with Taken in 2008 and 3 Days to Kill looks to have everything to make Kostner a star once more. His appearance in major blockbuster Man of Steel and smaller success Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit has eased him back into the publics consciousness. We really hope this film is decent enough to do well, as we’d love to see Kostner back on the silver screen more regularly than in recent years. Waterworld 2 anyone?

Perhaps the surprise hit of the month could be Chef, written, directed and starring, Iron Man helmer, Jon Favreau. The film is set around a chef who wants to prove himself as more than a basic, restaurant pleaser and he sparks an internet sensation when he invites a food critic to try his food after a bad review. The film is being sold as food loving and feel-good; a perfect mix for the upcoming summer months.

With a lack of big players at the UK box office this June it’s unlikely we’ll see any big performances but it’ll be interesting to see which small-fry films come out on top. It’s all to play for. Let the battle begin!


6th June

22 Jump Street

Benny & Jolene

Grace of Monaco

13th June


Devil’s knot


T. S. Spivet

19th June

The Fault of Our Stars

20th June

3 Days to Kill

Chinese Puzzle

27th June


Cold in July

Mrs Brown’s Boys  D’Movie

Return to Homs


Walking on Sunshine

Is food obsessed Chef getting you hungry for the cinema this month or is 22 Jump Street making you investigate the cinema listings? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below

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