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Films Released in May: A FilmAttic Guide

We find out what’s appearing in cinemas this month so you don’t have to. How convenient

Films Released in May: A FilmAttic Guide
Maleficent set to challenge for May box office crown

The big films this month are a selection of large Hollywood adventure films, and believe it or not, only one stars any superheroes. X-Men: Days of Future Past is set to dominate the box office on its release towards the end of the month (22nd May) despite Bryan Singer being in the tabloids for the wrong reasons. Regardless of current news, X-Men has a remarkable following with six films under its belt already, and this film merges two separate X-Men casts.

Tarzan is set to hit cinemas much earlier (2nd May) and could see itself positioned to take an early box office lead. The film looks set to be a beautiful animated reimagining of the previously well-told tale, and due to a shortage of kids films and a mature and solemn trailer this could do very well in the early stages of May.

Godzilla has been set up by Warner Bros and Legendary Entertainment as a major contender this month for the box office crown and its done well to excite cinema goes. The last Godzilla instalment released in 1998 managed a worldwide taking of under $400 million and was placed as the 9th most popular film of the year. Warner Bros and Legendary Entertainment will be hoping for an improvement on this and we think they may well have it for the taking. Look out for our franchise special on Godzilla in May.

The last major player could be the Angelina Jolie vehicle, Maleficent, but we’re unsure whether it has been explained well enough for audiences. The story is from the evil witch, Maleficent’s, side and is set before she curses Princess Aurora more commonly known as Sleeping Beauty. The film trailer itself is reminiscent in its surreal style to Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, which did fantastically well at the box office in 2010. Are you looking forward to this or has it left you uninspired to see it?

Comedies this month are lead by Seth Macfarlane’s follow up to Ted, A Million Ways to Die in the West, and Seth Rogan’s Bad Neighbours. A Million Ways to Die in the West looks set to be a cult classic already and is helped by a much more liberating setting (the wild west) to Ted’s office working environment. Expect lots of gags. On the other hand Bad Neighbours looks much like any other Seth Rogan comedy, except that he’s married to Rose Bryne and has a child. As with all comedies these will rely on word of mouth heavily although Zac Efron’s inclusion in Bad Neighbours may help convince couples to place their bets on the latter film.

John Tuturro’s Fading Gigolo looks like a wonderful off beat comedy of a man pushed into providing his body and skills to lonely older women. The film will be helped by Woody Allen, who co stars, as he has seen his films recently become much more bankable successes in recent years, in particular, Midnight in Paris and Blue Jasmine. The trailer even comes across as a Woody Allen film, with its off beat nature and could fool some into the cinema thinking it is an Allen film.

Brick Mansions will be the last completed film of Paul Walker’s career, after he sadly died in a car crash in November last year. The film itself looks set to put some viewers off as its not entirely mainstream: it looks like a dark and unusual action film, but it may see an uplift in ticket sales as fans of Walker and use the opportunity to see him once more.

Sabotage and Edge of Tomorrow look set to be a test of two action giants, as both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tom Cruise have seen recent films underperform at the box office in recent years. Both will be hoping to come out on top but audiences are becoming more aware of their lack of good film choices. Both Schwarzenegger and Cruise have a plan however with both pulling older film series out of the bag with Terminator: Genesis and Mission Impossible 5 both being released in 2015. It’s a good thing they have those mammoth projects to fall back on.

2nd May

A Thousand Times Good Night
Blue Ruin
Brick Mansions
Ilo Ilo
In Bloom
Patema Inverted
Purani Jeans
Willow Creek

3rd May

Bad Neighbours

7th May


8th May

The Competition

9th May

Advanced Style
American Interior
Before the Winter Chill
Heaven is For Real
I Declare War
Next Goal Wins
Silent Sonata
The Canyons
The Wind Rises

12th May

The Cold Winter

15th May


16th May

A Touch of Sin
An Autumn Afternoon
In Secret
Pantani: The Accidental Death of a Cyclist
The Two Faces of January
Touchy Feely

20th May

12 O’Clock Boys

22nd May

X-Men: Days of Future Past

23rd May

Another Day, Another Time: Celebrating the Music of Inside LLewyn Davies
Beyond the Edge
Fading Gigolo
Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return
Postman Pat: The Movie
Run & Jump
The Punk Singer

28th May


30th May

A Farewell to Arms
A Million Ways to Die in the West
Edge of Tomorrow
Jimmy’s Hall
Battle Company: Korengal
Mariachi Gringo
Miss and the Doctors
Venus in Fur

What are you excited to see this month? Do you agree with our worries for Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent? Do you think Sabotage or Edge of Tomorrow are worth seeing? Let us know in the comments below.

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