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Gravity Rises to the Top of the Pile

Brand new space drama draws in audiences to clinch first place.

Gravity Rises to the Top of the Pile
Gravity (2013)

In its first week, the new Sandra Bullock and George Clooney film, Gravity, managed to dominate the UK weekend box office, generating over £6.2m. While it’s still not reaching the £8.6m bar set by Thor: The Dark World in the previous weekend, this is still a phenomenal achievement, blowing all other films out of the running. From our prediction, Gravity is likely to stay around the top of the table, offering a completely different experience to any of the other upcoming blockbusters.

Now in its second week, Thor: The Dark World maintained its impressive opening, landing in 2nd place with just shy of £3m. Now with a total of almost £14m, we fully expect this to stick around for a little while longer. While not reaching the dizzy heights set in the first weekend, the Marvel superhero is still impressing at the British box office.

Now floating around mid-table are kids films Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 and Turbo. Both of which will likely be hanging around in middle table limbo for a while longer, still an impressive feat with the big films released during November.

Opening next week

This week sees a range of new films coming to UK screens before the highly-anticipated Hunger Games sequel in 8 days. Where as last week we only saw Gravity and a handful of smaller films, this weekend sees the release of Don Jon, The Butler, Battle of the Year and a few others.

Directed by and staring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Don Jon will make for interesting watching as the Warner Brothers comedy sees Gordon-Levitt handed his directorial feature length debut. However, this might not be enough to drum up substantial interest to allow Don Jon to top the box office.

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