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Lego builds an unassailable lead

British Audiences prefer Lego over Art.

Lego builds an unassailable lead
The Lego Movie (2014)

Taking just over £8m, it’s been an opening weekend to remember for table-topping The Lego Movie. This animated action film has drawn in a vast amount of different audiences with both families and young adults all loving Emmet’s Lego filled adventure. With such a strong first week it’s likely that it will continue its table-topping prowess into next week at the very least.

Valentines day releases were always going to appear in the top 10, and romantic films have taken 7th and 8th place. Having a comedic side and being more enticing to the men in a relationship has given Cuban Fury the edge over Endless Love by taking about a quarter of a million pounds more. For both of these to remain in next week’s top 10 they’ll have to rely on word of mouth but seeing as they’re splitting audiences already added to there being two new romantic film releases opening this week, it seems unlikely they’ll be able to compete.

Likely to last longer is World War II drama, The Monuments Men, which made £1.6m on its opening weekend, beating Robocop by £100k. This has a chance of becoming a slow burner and may hang around for a while, but was so far behind The Lego Movie that the second place could feel disappointing for the folks at 20th Century Fox.

Opening Next Week

None of this week’s new releases are likely to challenge the top spot but Akiva Goldsman’s Winter’s Tale has the best chance of troubling the top 3. This romantic fantasy drama stars Colin Farrell, Jessica Brown Findlay and Russell Crowe and has had a US release on Valentines day which shows an attempt to entice the couples audience however it is likely to take Endless Love’s audience.

Vampires are becoming overused in cinema at the moment and to see whether audiences are getting bored of them Only Lovers Left Alive may be a good test of popularity. Being more interesting than the average vampire film due to its cast of thespians as the leads, this horror romance could have an interesting effect on the audience.

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