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Lego Setting the Foundation for the Future

In its second week of release, The Lego Movie once again dominates the box office and there’s more news of a sequel.

Lego Setting the Foundation for the Future
The Lego Movie (2014)

In a whirlwind two weeks for The Lego Movie, its managed to keep the top spot once again, bringing in just shy of £6m, holding off second place Mr. Peabody and Sherman (£1.6m). Following this week’s news of a sequel, Emmett and Lego Batman will be retuning in May 2017, with no story or plot yet announced this will surely be highly anticipated after the rave reviews of the first The Lego Movie, but sit tight as three years won’t be around in a hurry.

The weekend between half terms was always likely to be dominated by children’s films across the UK, with The Lego Movie, Mr. Peabody & Sherman, and Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy positioning themselves as the top three. The bottom of the table also shows a return to the box office for Frozen in 10th place, which is now in its 12th week after generating an impressive £38m in its UK lifetime.

British comedy Cuban Fury will be disappointed to have almost dropped out of the top 10 so quickly and is now sitting in 9th with £422,303; that’s only £174 above Frozen; but it looks like Frozen will be finally out of the top 10 by next week.

Coming Next Week

The next week of cinema releases won’t be offering anything to significantly challenge the top spot, but if there’s one man that could have a chance, that would be Liam Neeson. His new action film follows Air Marshall Marks (Neeson) who receives a series of text messages that could put the planes passengers at risk unless he transfers $150m to an off-shore account. Films set in planes always have the potential of flying high with audiences, setting a natural and imaginably terrifying situation.

For something a little less high-octane, The Book Thief also hits cinemas this week and is about a girl in Germany during World War II who goes to live with her foster parents and steals books to share with others. Despite probably not being able to challenge the top 3, this drama could find itself mid-table, with fans of the novel flocking to the big screen.

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