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One Direction Hit the Top Spot

One Direction’s Teen Audiences run riot in the Weekend Box Office

One Direction Hit the Top Spot
One Direction Hit the Top Spot

It’s all about One Direction this weekend as fans of the boy band flood to see This Is Us, which generated just under £3.5m – a £7,294 average per location. Beating 2nd place Elysuim by over £2.2m, it’s even more impressive considering that 75% of ticket sales came from cheaper children’s tickets, boosted by the adult tickets as chaperones.

It was a disappointing first week for 6th place comedy, The Way, Way Back. Taking just over half a million is not what Writer/Directors Nat Faxon and Jim Rush, who previously won an Oscar for Best Adapted Screen play, would have wanted; however this feels like it could be a slow burner and could do well during award season.

Releasing a horror movie in the middle of summer was unlikely to generate a massive hit at the box office, however in 7th is You’re Next, which is more than Lionsgate could have hoped for. This would definitely make Lionsgate wonder if a Halloween release would have been a better suit for the horror flick.

Opening Next Week

For us at FilmAttic it is all about adding to a franchise with the release of Riddick – this will certainly be a popular choice for us and hopefully at the box office too. Richard Curtis’ romantic comedy About Time should have a solid showing next week, targeting the couples audience. Also opening next week is action movie No One Lives, romantic drama Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, and Documentary The Great Hip Hop Hoax.

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