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Pompeii top of the new films mountain this week

Pompeii does well but it’s not enough to topple Spider-Man

Pompeii top of the new films mountain this week
Pompeii top of the new films mountain this week

With big action films aplenty this month Pompeii could have disappeared before it was even released but taking over the million pound mark in its first weekend has given itself a good start and a chance to be remembered. If it wants to stay in the top 5 next week it’ll need to do better than it did in the US on its second week where it dropped by 58%, a similar drop would put it under the £500k mark and with action lovers having a choice between this and Sabotage next week Pompeii seems likely to lose the battle.

Plastic is also new this week and sits at the bottom of the table; the film sees a group of young fraudsters attempting to raise £5m to pay off a gangster they ripped off. Even with box office takings the characters would have no chance of making this back – the film picked up £154k in its opening week – and will certainly drop out of the top ten by next week. It’s unfortunate to see British writers fall so far off the pace and I certainly hope this month doesn’t become another dominated only by American film.

Noticeable for its absence from the top 10 is Seth Rogen and Zac Efron’s new comedy Bad Neighbours; the same film that Owen had high hopes for this week. Its absence is despite being shown in most cinemas, it’s still officially on previews so will have 9 days of takings to help it’s rankings next week. If the unconfirmed reports are true Bad Neighbours would have certainly topped this weeks table taking £2.5m over its first two days.

Coming Next Week

Frank, the story of a mysterious and eccentric musician who never takes of his fake head is my top recommendation this week; it’s certainly got my interest. How this will connect with audiences who were fans of Chris Sievey’s comic creation, Frank Sidebottom, is questionable, as they seem to have moved away from his original personality. Even with all the praise Michael Fassbender has received, the film is likely to rely almost solely on writer Peter Straughan who has entertained audiences both sides of the Atlantic with Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and How to Lose Friends & Alienate People.


Will Spider-Man still be top of the table next week? How will Frank do? Let us know your thoughts below

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