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Spider-Man climbs to the highest position

Spidey ensnares the audience with his web of wonder

Spider-Man climbs to the highest position
Spider-Man climbs to the highest position

Unsurprisingly The Amazing Spider-Man 2 drew in audiences in their droves at the weekend taking a spectacular £9m dwarfing all other contenders; it actually managed to take £3.8m more than the rest of the top 10 put together. Spiderman should continue its time at the top of the table next week with no real challengers being released. Even though Sony will be pleased with being ahead of its rivals this week the new release didn’t manage to match its predecessor in takings for its opening weekend. This could mean that audiences are just not as interested with a cinema that is now saturated with superhero movies. We should be able to see whether this is a pattern next month when the sequel to the 2011 hit X-Men: First Class is released on the 22nd of May.

In fifth position is romantic comedy The Love Punch, which stars Emma Thompson and Pierce Brosnan, about a divorced couple attempting to recover stolen retirement money. Taking £613k, it’s sitting in the middle of the pack and wouldn’t have been in such a high placing if it wasn’t for the poor weekend for many of its competitors. This could struggle next week though as the release of The Other Woman is likely to split rom-com audiences and with Game of Thrones heartthrob Nikolaj Coster-Waldau it could be a strong draw for the female audience.

Not likely to be in next week’s table are Locke and 2 States which lie in 9th and 10th place respectively. The interesting concept of Locke clearly didn’t light a spark of imagination for audiences which is unfortunate, however people likely to be drawn to this thriller could easily be drawn to The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and it was never going to win that battle. The appearance of 2 States in the top 10 shows just how poor a week it was overall as usually Indian films performed in Hindi don’t enter the top 10.

Opening Next Week

The two films most likely to challenge the top 5 next week are sci-fi mystery Transcendence and rom-com The Other Woman. The biggest draw for Transcendence will be the calibre of actors they have with Johnny Depp, Paul Bettany, Cillian Murphy, Rebecca Hall and Morgan Freeman all putting their acting prowess into the sci-fi thriller. The plotline of a sentient machine could also draw in good audience numbers. The Other Woman could be a draw for lovers of rom-coms and could be a decent stepping stone in model Kate Upton’s transition into acting.

Astronaut and Super Duper Alice Cooper have a small chance of troubling the box office top ten. Small scale sci-fi Astronaut could be a draw for audiences after Gravity success last year however it will always be compared to the multiple Oscar winner and with its small budget it could struggle. Super Duper Alice Cooper is a documentary that tells the story of how Vincent Furnier created the legendary rock and roll icon but then got lost in it. Both of these are very alternative options but after a week dominated by a blockbuster something different could be just what’s needed.

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