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Sunshine on Leith Awarded for Consistency

After a week of low attendance, Sunshine on Leith has kept its audience.

Sunshine on Leith Awarded for Consistency
Sunshine on Leith - 2013

With no film managing to break the £1m mark, Sunshine on Leith is in second place with the lowest audience drop rate of only 5% – Blue Jasmine is the next lowest with an 11% loss. This consistency is largely due to a lack of wide audience appealing films being released.

It’ll be a week of mixed emotions for the folks at eOne with four films in the top 15. Their biggest joy will be the three week topping Prisoners directed by Denis Villeneuve, but also the kids movie, Justin and the Knights of Valour, and horror sequel, Insidious 2, in 9th and 13th respectively, with both clinging on in their fifth weeks. The downside to eOne’s week is the Julian Assange biographical drama, The Fifth Estate, which was released this week and ranked at number 6 in the chart. It was never going to be a film that grabbed the attention of the masses, but with Benedict Cumberbatch becoming a wanted actor it should have certainly troubled the higher echelons in what was a poor week.

In seventh place Le Week-End became a surprise hit which, despite its relatively low ranking, managed to gain the highest location average meaning it took more per cinema than any other film in the top 15.

Coming Next Week

There are two films being released this week that will be contenders for the coveted number one spot. The ship based drama Captain Philips, starring Tom Hanks, should certainly draw crowds on a quiet week and family animation Turbo, about a garden snail’s attempt to win the Indy 500, is set to do very well with the family and younger audiences. Turbo boasts the vocal talents of Ryan Reynolds, Paul Giamatti and Samuel L. Jackson.

If you want a film that won’t be a normal audience draw, but will be worth a watch, FilmAttic suggests Prince Avalanche, starring Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch, which is an oddball comedy about two highway workers working on an isolated road.

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