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The building blocks are in place for Lego to take over Hollywood

While Lego creates a path to success, RoboCop sees itself fall short of greatness

The building blocks are in place for Lego to take over Hollywood
The Lego Movie (2014)

A few films stood out this month but none more so than The Lego Movie. With its continuing success with video game movie tie ins and it’s core interlocking brick toys being brought out in 1949, it’s no wonder that this found an audience to embrace it. With fast paced wit and to countless popular culture references, critics and audiences went wild for Lego and racked up over £22 million at the UK box office in its first two weeks. A staggering achievement! To put that into perspective, the second placed February release was another animated film, Mr. Peabody and Sherman, which generated just over £10 million in three weeks.

Big January movies The Wolf of Wall Street and 12 Years a Slave racked up £20 million and £17 million respectively over 6 and 7 week runs, while Frozen still clings onto tenth place in the chart after 12 weeks, and brought in £38 million. We think The Lego Movie has the staying power to match and perhaps even beat Frozen’s achievement, but with more competition in the animation category during March – see our March Movie Guide here – it won’t be an easy ride.

Despite its Oscar hype, Dallas Buyers Club has failed to generate a sizeable audience in it’s 3 weeks at the box office with only a £3 million taking. This could be down to the serious tone of the film, and the exhaustion from audiences for this type of film, with 12 Years A Slave being the last major success. This was Matt’s favourite film of the year so far, and we’d highly recommend it.

RoboCop was set to be a possible major player during February but after a successful first week, the film quickly failed to catch a wider audiences interest. After 3 weeks it’s made just £7 million, which although not terrible, could have been much better for an action packed blockbuster. The film is a rather interesting remake of the original, and definitely does a lot right, so much so that we gave it a similar score to the 1987 movie. We’ve also covered the entire film series so check that out for all your RoboCop goodness.

And that’s it for our February box office round up. Let us know what you watched during February, what you thought of yesterdays Oscar results and anything you’d like to see us cover next month in the comments below.

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