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The Cap’n Sails the Tide to the top

In a quiet week of significant films, Captain America, Noah and Blu thrash it out for superiority.

The Cap’n Sails the Tide to the top
Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

Without any new films challenging for the top spot this week, it was always likely to be down to the previous week’s top three: and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Remarkably, last week’s number 2 and 3 (Captain America and Noah) both had a 36% decrease and now sit in 1st and 2nd, while Rio 2 had a 46% decrease to slip down to 3rd. In the past we’ve seen poll position films dominate the screen and win outright, but this isn’t one of those weeks; the top three are in touching distance with only £223k between the three.

Despite this, these three are certainly the strongest of the bunch, with 4th place Divergent over £500k behind. Now in it’s second week it’s not likely to mount a sizeable attempt at the top spot after a 43% decrease from its opening week, and it might even fall out of the top 5 next week. The first film of this future franchise has been announced recently to be part of a four piece, with the third book being split into two films – the similarities to The Hunger Games keep on coming.

Contrary to Nick’s predictions last week, new entry, The Raid 2 unfortunately failed to touch the top five, sitting in an extremely disappointing 8th with less than £500k generated, whereas new horror film, The Quiet Ones, managed to land higher in fifth with £681k. As the highest achiever of new films out this week, Hammer Film Productions can be happy with its position, but won’t be likely to repeat its success next week.

Opening Next Week

This week’s major blockbuster lands on Wednesday, adding to the web-slinging Spider-Man franchise, and promises to be a corker. The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise of Electro will insert some much-needed electricity into the box office, shaking up the stagnating top few. The sequel to the reboot looks to be using more destructive villains than some of the franchises previous enemies (venom anyone?), but let’s hope Electro and co are also an impressive match for Spider-Man himself. Personally I can’t wait to watch this and I’m sure I’m not the only one – I imagine it’ll be sitting at the peak of the table this time next week.

With no other challengers to the top spot there are instead smaller scale films, like Locke and The Love Punch, that could grab audiences attention. The former offers Tom Hardy as Ivan Locke, a man who receives several phone calls that will ultimately change his life whilst driving – an interesting concept with a great lead actor if nothing else; the latter seems to be a typical British comedy starring Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson as they attempt to recover stolen retirement money. If superhero movies aren’t your thing, these two might be the ones to check out.

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