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The Other Woman Lands Blows in Debut Week

Spidey once again sticks to the top spot but is challenged fiercely by three women on a mission.

The Other Woman Lands Blows in Debut Week
Spidey kicking box office ass in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

On an impressive first weekend in UK cinemas, The Other Woman managed to land in second place with £2.6m at the box office, which is quite impressive considering a rom-com hasn’t topped the table since About Time in September 2013, which still only managed £1.7m on its opening weekend. Despite its great first week and commendable effort, it still hasn’t managed to overthrow Spidey which took £700k more than The Other Woman with £3.3m, which is still only 37% of last weekend’s humongous £9m taking.

Transendence sees Johnny Depp’s character become integrated into a computer before he becomes consumed by power, and this new entry won 3rd place. While it’s not challenging for the top spot, it seems like an interesting Tron-esque premise and has proved interesting enough to draw in audiences.

The Rio sequel seems to be continuing the trend of many other children’s films as it’s still generating a decent income despite being out for a month already. This would have been helped by the UK Easter Holidays, but I expect it’ll still be flying around mid table with £500k+ income next week.

Coming Next Week

This weekend sees Kit Harington take on the might of a volcano in the action packed Popeii; I’m not particularly bothered about this mainly because of its inevitable conclusion and underwhelming trailer, but it’ll be interesting to see how Harington takes on a lead role when removed from Game of Thrones.

Saturday also hosts the UK wide release of Bad Neighbours, which look set to be a fantastic laugh. Seth Rogen and Zac Efron are at the helm; Rogen is usually a bankable success for a few chuckles and Efron has certainly transformed his image and company since the days of High School Musical. I have high hopes for this and hope it’s more ‘This is the End’ than ‘The Green Hornet’.

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