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Light Sabre battles, the mysterious Force and even a joke about Han’s jobs.

Like most action films there’s a link between the pace of the film, the number of deaths and the average amount of kills per minute for over the franchise run. For this action comedy franchise the average deaths per film is close to one death every three minutes and the film that gets closest to this is Something Something Something Darkside with a total of 18 in 52 minutes. Hitting close to this average is just one aspect that made it the strongest of the trilogy as can be seen in its rating. Whereas overloading the deaths in It’s A Trap with 38, that’s one kill per minute, actually makes the film appear slower with these extended action sequences becoming less interesting.

When adapting the Family Guy cast into Star Wars roles it becomes clear that some of their original characteristics were ignored. The most noticeable of these is the sexuality that Quagmire usually brings to Family Guy that’s lost when playing the slightly camp C-3PO. In fact he only makes 2 sexual innuendos throughout the entire franchise and they’re both in the first episode, Blue Harvest. This particular film deviates from the Star Wars role characteristics to the greatest extent and can also be seen by Biggs becoming disabled and living past the attack on the death star.

One aspect of action films that certainly wasn’t lost is the inclusion of explosions with a grand total of 35. This may not sound too impressive but when factoring in the short running time of each film’s explosion per minute rate it’s quite high, one every five minutes, the 35 is also higher than the Die Hard franchise managed with more films. It’s A Trap can be described as an explosive end to the story with 19, this itself is 3 more than the entire Indiana Jones franchise. Something Something Something Darkside has the least with only 5 however with its shorter running time it’s only 3 shorter than the entire total of the Harry Potter franchise. In fact the franchise places these explosions during suitable action packed events and largely go unnoticed. The 11 that are in Blue Harvest don’t feel over used and instead aid the film’s homage to the source material.
With all of these high numbers in the action stats it could be easy to miss the fact that it’s first and foremost a comedy.The franchise manages to balance both genres with ease and effortlessly becomes a hilarious and entertaining franchise overall.

What we learnt from...

Family Guy’s Star Wars

Your brother can be your father
Always question fat Stormtroopers
Perfectly good sofas can be found in the trash
Always save Yub Nub for the one you love
Everybody wants a Han Job
He is not R2-Pac
Always gargle before travel
A Parsec is a unit of distance
Imperial ships pay by the laser
Everybody knows the size of a womp rat
It is safe to nail electric cable to ice
Creepy old men exist in space too
Villains love Hold on to the Night by Richard Marx