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The Harry Potter Franchise needed to be devastatingly bad to avoid box office glory. That’s the advantage of basing a franchise on one of the most popular novel series of the last 20 years. Luckily it was also created with enough skill and respect that not only diehard fans but a larger film audience became excited for the release of every new cinematic installment.

However in the adaptation from book to screen there are some things that are lost. The novels witness 14 games of Quidditch where as the film included only 5; this is a clever move as although exciting, Quidditch wasn’t worth the extended screen time over substantial story.

Perhaps the most surprising fact about the Harry Potter franchise is that for a character with murdered parents and friends, Harry only cries twice in the entire franchise. One of these occurs in the Prisoner of Azkaban and the other in Goblet of Fire. On the other hand Hermione, who has an intact family, cries five times through the entire franchise. This could suggest that Harry is made of sterner stuff that Hermione and certainly throughout the ongoing story he builds his courage and dampens his fear of Lord Voldermort.

And Voldemort himself is acknowledged as have many names. Obviously we took count and despite there being a secret rule to not mention his name them actually say “Voldemort” 46 times. This is compared to “Tom Riddle” with 20 times, “He who must not be named” with 4 times and “You know who” with 18 times.

Harry Potter’s most famous identifiers are his glasses and scar and it is well known that his scar hurts at times. This actually occurs a lot less than we had imagined with only two films including it. Philosophers Stone establishes the trait with five occurrences and then Goblet of Fire has three.

Harry Potter is one of the highest grossing franchises of all time and has seen a huge cast list come and go throughout the 10 years it took to make the 8 films. We would highly recommend a viewing if you haven’t already.

What we learnt from...

Harry Potter

If “Those that can’t do, Teach” then “Those that can barely teach, Govern”
When stood in a fire, make sure you articulate
Warewolves change at a full moon. Animagi change when they want. No matter what Twilight says
Bricks are sometimes keys to a magical land. So touch every brick that you see!
Collect tears from the dying for all the latest gossip
Never fly your car in to a tree
Eat birthday cake that has come from a stranger's pocket
If something is making a noise you don't like, hold it under water
Flamable birds make good pets
If you see a tray of unknown liquid, put your face in it
You will always meet your best friend on a train
Always date your stalker
Don't expect to be congratulated for destroying the most evil wizard the world has ever seen
If you are being locked under the stairs, wait for a groundskeeper, not a social worker
Be careful whose name you say in your sleep
Your godfather might be able to turn in to a dog. Check next time you see him!
Always leave with bearded men who say they know your parents
The sorting hat does requests
Harry does not understand that magic can cure his poor eyesight
If you can't find a platform, run at a wall