Hollywoodland: Let’s talk it out

Talking about movies is half the enjoyment of watching them. So let’s talk Hollywoodland.

Owen: You have popcorn down your top.
Matt: Oh yeah….

O: My spidey sense is tingling. You just watched a movie
M: I did. It was called Hollywoodland

O: And what’s that about?
M: Superheroes, alcoholics, suicide, murder… you name it and Hollywoodland might have it.

O: So it’s a superhero movie?
M: Not quite. I wanted to see it because Ben Affleck played Superman and he got drunk a lot

O: But Affleck is Batman!
M: I know, right? That’s why I wanted to see this. Affleck plays George Reeves, the original television Superman star. He gets drunk (less than I was hoping) and wears the Superman costume (a lot less than I was hoping)

O: Any good?
M: Yeah I really enjoyed it actually. Not what I was expecting though, as it’s set up as a film noir investigation. Adrien Brody plays a P.I. who’s hired by Reeves’ mam. She wants to know who killed her son

O: So quite mysterious then?
M: Yeah very mysterious. A good ol’ fashioned film noir really. It’s all there: witty banter, dangerous women, rich meddlers and crooks but it also has intriguing flashbacks of Reeves career getting started. Those bits were great, especially when he was dressed as Superman and fed up with excited kids around him, or on a stunt wire.

O: So there are some exciting action packed moments?
M: Not as such… it’s more of a thriller/drama really. Don’t get me wrong there are some great, tense moments. It’s just not all guns, explosions and high-octane drama. More intelligent conversations with secrets to discover.

O: What’s it most like?
M: I guess it’s most like Chinatown. But it’s also quite like LA Confidential, just without the shootouts

O: What are you up to now?
M: I might have a nap


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