We give a little insight into what to expect from us over the festive season!

Frozen (2013)

As it’s our first Christmas at The Attic we wanted to do something a little different to our regular FilmAttic activity. Therefore, we’ve decided to put a little more time in and publish a new article, review, franchise or goody everyday through the wonderful brilliance of an online advent calendar (technology these days, eh?). In case you haven’t seen this yet, click the link at the bottom to return to the home page and have a look at the past items in the advent calendar.

Throughout our film journey we’ve come to the realisation that Christmas films are a strange breed. They’re short lived at the box office, they only get watched at one time throughout the year, and you never really get sick of watching them over and over. However, the festive season has always had a large part to play in modern and classic cinema. Throughout history, Christmas has been a relatable event in filmmaking; the first recognised Christmas film was made in 1898 and is aptly called ’Santa Claus’. Despite only being 1 minute 17 seconds long, it’s the first film to contain Santa Clause as a character. Watch it here:

While we sit here listening to all of our Christmas CD’s and vinyl, with a mince pie in one hand and a glass of sherry in the other, we doff our caps to you and wish you a very Merry Christmas! Click here to visit our advent calendar!

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