Ride on the wave of improvement – FilmAttic 2.0

FilmAttic 2: Review Harder / The Attic Strikes Back / 2 Film 2 Attic / FilmAttic and the Chamber of Awesome. Whatever you want to call it, it’s here.

Ride on the wave of improvement – FilmAttic 2.0
Despicable Me 2 (2013)

We’ve been busy over the last few months to bring to you a more focussed experience and improved design of FilmAttic, so you’ll notice a few changes around here. As well as a new navigation menu, we’ve also introduced a few new pages to help you find your way around and get to know us a bit better. Some of the key changes are…

New home page

We’ve designed this so it’s easier to use. Everything is less crammed and compressed. Instead it’s spacious and feels a bit more comfortable.

Mobile Responsive

FilmAttic is now totally accessible on mobile devices and tablets for those moments when you’re sat around eating cold pizza with a hangover or squashed up to some random’s armpit on the bus. Lovely.

Author Home Page

Here you can get to know us a little better. We have an image for each adorable member of our motley crew, as well as a feed for our recent Instagram activity. Aren’t we beautiful?

News & Reviews Page

This is an archive of all of our reviews, news and people of the month from the last several months. It’s mainly here for ease of use, but you can use it to keep up to date of our ramblings and reviews.

This is all for you, and we’d love to hear what you think. Express your brain farts in the comments below or let us know what you think on Facebook or Twitter.

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