The 2013 Xmas Present Rundown – Not sure what to buy?

The FilmAttic guide to buying presents for your friends, family and those strangers you love…

The 2013 Xmas Present Rundown – Not sure what to buy?
Would Iron Man fit in your stocking?

Christmas can be a frustrating time for loving friends and family, especially when those wonderful people aren’t telling you what they want. We’ve compiled a list of the hottest new films out this Christmas to lend a hand and save you some time before Christmas.

Take a look at our list. We’ve divided people into categories so you can easily find the films suited for you’re special someone.

THE GEEKS – Sci Fi/Fantasy

Does this special someone know the Vulcan Death Grip but are too scared to use it, or maybe they wear Lycra and continually get bitten by weird animals hoping to gain new powers? If so, this is what we’d recommend:

Man of Steel
Iron Man 3
Star Trek Into Darkness
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey


Is this person continually on shoot ’em ups? Do them dream of jumping out of a helicopter and making things explode? Have they ever saved the world, or do they have it on their Things To Do List? If so take a look at these beauties:

A Good Day to Die Hard
Fast and Furious 6
Olympus has fallen

THE KIDS – Animated movies

Is this person unusually small but growing quick? Do they like afternoon action packed television and prefer to sleep when it’s not convenient? Sometimes they might even like to get dressed up in a cape and pretend to be an action hero (see also The Geeks)? If so, this is what we’d recommend:

Despicable Me 2
Monsters University
The Smurfs 2
Rise of the Guardians


Plenty to choose from this year in fictional comedy. Does this person carry British sarcastic wit or an American slapstick style? Sneak a look at their film collection to find out which actors they already admire, as most of these films will carry a similar comedy to what the actors have previously done. The first two are British, and the last two are American – can you tell?

Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy
Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa
This Is The End
Hangover Part III


Do they like a good scare or think they’re too tough to hide behind the sofa? Do they like a certain mix of gore and excitement and have numerous horror films on the shelf? Check out our scary list of new releases:

World War Z
The Conjuring
Evil Dead
The Purge

KISS AND A CUDDLE – The Romantics

Do they have a penchant for flowers, cuddles and kisses? Do they love the newest Rom-Com or follow the greatest love stories according to the gossip magazines? If they do these would be an ideal choice from our lineup…

The Great Gatsby
Silver Linings Playbook
The Big Wedding
Safe Haven

HUMAN ENCYCLOPAEDIA – The Documentary Lover/Live Music

Does this person like factual programs on the discovery channel? Are they big fans of classic rock music or 80s-90s rock? Do they keep singing about a summer holiday on a double decker bus? Check out 2013’s best (Also check out our highest rated documentary Inside Job):

The Stone Roses: Made of Stone
Springsteen & I
Cliff Richard: Still Reelin’ and A-Rockin’ (Live at Sydney Opera House)

WANTS A LAUGH – Best 2013 Stand Up

Do they enjoy live comedy and get kick out of it? Or maybe they hide away cracking jokes in the mirror and get applause from an app on their phone. Whatever their preference, treat them to a stand-up gig from some of the best British comedians on the professional circuit. The first two are guaranteed to be dirtier than the last two…

Jimmy Carr: Laughing & Joking
Sean Lock: Purple Van Man
Greg Davies: The Back of My Mum’s Head
Bill Bailey: Qualmpeddler


Proud to be British or watch us from across the pond? Drama has been good this year especially in the right social circles or if you’re fond of time travel. British complaining seems to have travelled too with Karl Pilkington’s help, and old-fashioned comedy is back with an Irish man all dressed up.

Downton Abbey- Series 4
Doctor Who: Series 1-4 Collection (DVD)
The Moaning of Life
Mrs Brown’s Boys Live Tour: Mrs Brown Rides Again


Do they walk with a swagger and/or with their hands in their pants or are they more into wearing expensive suits and drinking whisky? Maybe they fancy a bit of gore or have a deep-rooted love of the periodic table. Whatever their preference we can cater for them…

Breaking Bad: The Complete Series
Madmen Season 6
Dexter: The Final Season
The Big Bang Theory Season 1-6 (DVD)

And that’s it folks. If you’re still struggling after that, or want some more info from our lovely team then don’t hesitate to write in the comments section. We’re Santa’s elves (seriously, we have the costumes), and we’d be happy to help.

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