The Attic of Horrors

Congratulations to the four winners of The Attic of Horrors photo competition!

The Attic of Horrors
The Four Winners

Thanks to everyone for their entry, unfortunately we don’t have enough prizes to give to everyone! Below are the four winners of the Halloween costume competition, with some truly kick ass costumes!

1st – Marion Stringer (Chucky)
2nd – Michael Wood (Otis and Heidi)
3rd – James Donovan (Zombie #4)
Most Votes – Mc Shazamaca (Papa Smurf and Smurfette)

A large portion of Halloween is dominated by film, which is why we decided to celebrate with a unique selection of horror films and franchises. See below for the full list of reviewed films and analysed franchises..

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Franchise
The Poltergeist Franchise
The Evil Dead Franchise
The Scream Franchise

The Shining Film Review
The Wicker Man Film Review
The Cabin in the Woods Film Review

Once again, thanks to everyone that entered! Keep coming back to FilmAttic for more news and good luck next time!

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