The Best of 2013

These are our top 6 films from over the last year – what was your favourite?



Smashing the U.S. box office in October, and doing similarly here in the UK, Afonso Cuarón’s new take on space drama was a beautiful imagining of how stunning and frightening space can be. Sandra Bullock gives a brilliant performance in a simple story that uses suspense as it’s main player.

What made it one of our favourites:

Gravity is an entirely unique action thriller, slowing tempo, and focussing on the minute details of working in space. Due to that, we think Space-based films have been changed for the foreseeable future. God bless Gravity.

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Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa

A much loved TV character brought to the big screen with a bang, a bang from a motor home’s waste-water tank to be precise. The creation of this scaled down action comedy brought not only joy to audiences in 2013, but also showed that a great character can always come back bigger and better.

What made it one of our favourites:

Steve Coogan’s performance as Norwich’s favourite radio presenter, Alan Partridge.

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Captain Phillips

Captain Phillips

In another documentary drama, we follow Captain Richard Phillips when his ship is boarded and pirates take him hostage. Filmed almost entirely off dry land, Captain Phillips is an incredibly emotional and gripping drama that Tom hanks puts absolutely everything into.

What made it one of our favourites:

Hanks’ performance was absolutely outstanding; one of his best for a number of years; with recent competition being films such as Saving Mr Banks, The Polar Express and the Toy Story franchise, that’s incredibly impressive.

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Blue Jasmine

The deteriorating health of a wealthy lady of leisure is equalled by her descent into poverty. Woody Allen pulls off his most successful film at the box office to date with all the hilarity, drama and intellectual discussion expected of a feature length from the legendary writer-director.

What made it one of our favourites:

Cate Blanchett gives the performance of her career (Matt isn’t even a huge fan but loved the film) and Allen’s on top form, providing dialogue that is as witty and outrageous as ever.

The World's End

The World’s End

Finishing a franchise so strongly meant the series is placed third in our Franchise Leaderboard, but as a standalone film it’s a great comedy. Mixing Pegg and Wright’s comedic style, the emotions of seeing old friends, and the action of an invasion film has resulted in one of the Best British films of the year.

What made it one of our favourites:

The performance of Nick Frost as best friend Andy is one of his best roles yet.

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This gripping documentary was one of the standout films of 2013, taking you on a high-octane 123 minute thrill ride. Based on the F1 rivalry between James Hunt and Niki Lauda in the 70’s, Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl deliver the leads in a touching and realistic telling of the famous rivalry.

What made it one of our favourites:

Along with some sublime action shots, Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Brühl really fuel the film and make this a real 2013 spectacle, especially on the big screen.

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What was your favourite film from 2013? Do you disagree with us on any of these? Let us know in the comments below!


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