We reserve this page for the best people involved in film so it’s only right we cover Bruce Willis who has an eclectic career spanning four decades and counting.

Most famous for his action roles he was one of the first breakout action heroes to not have a body builder’s physique but instead looked more like your ordinary man, but with swagger. We’ve covered Die Hard on the site and rated it highly; it’s unusual to find a franchise so consistent especially one which is twenty five years old and has five films to it’s name, but Willis has a lot more to offer than just action flicks.

He’s also starred in some of the best Sci-Fi movies of recent times – we’re thinking of Twelve Monkeys, The Fifth Element and Looper to name just three. It’s his constant refusal to be type cast which has seen him succeed when others haven’t and as a result he’s brought us fantastic films like The Sixth Sense, Pulp Fiction, and Moonrise Kingdom.

For an actor who is a real class act, Bruce Willis is an absolute gem. We can’t wait to see what he makes next.