Person of the Month – April 2014

Dafoe found his breakout roles in villainous characters early on in Streets of Fire, The Loveless and To Live And Die in L.A. in the mid eighties and has continued to bring great mischievous character to life throughout his career; his highlights include the Green Goblin in Spiderman, and John Geiger in Speed 2.

But he hasn’t been relegated to becoming a typecast baddie, particularly as some of his best characters and most memorable performances have come from his portrayal of noble characters, such as playing Detective Donald Kimball in American Psycho or as Paul Smecker, an FBI agent, in Boondock Saints.

Throughout his thirty years in the film industry he’s been nominated for two Best Supporting Actor Oscars: one in 1986 for Platoon and one in 2000 for Shadow of a Vampire. With such a diverse back catalogue of roles, as both a lead and in supporting roles he’s one of the most interesting actors working today.